Choosing to Respond

Any time we're confronted with unexpected, and perhaps unpleasant, circumstances, we have a choice. We can REACT or we can RESPOND. When we react, we're allowing the circumstances to dictate the situation. When we RESPOND we're taking a measured, thoughtful approach which allows us to put a positive spin on the situation. Here's how I've learned to RESPOND.
  1. Realize that God is in control, and was not at all surprised with the circumstances.
  2. Recognize that possibly, we have contributed to the situation by word, deed, inaction or attitude, and taking responsibility for our part.
  3. Look for the positive. What can we learn, or how can we grow from the circumstances?
  4. Pray for those who may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the negative things that you're experiencing.
  5. Look for the open door or window that God provides on the other side of the circumstance.
That is where I am at the moment. I'm in the midst of some circumstances that I had not anticipated. I'm right now going through these five steps. It is a choice that God has given me, and with it I have His grace to help me through. I'll let you know how He provides.


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