This is the Beginning

I keep hearing people whose candidate did not win say, "Well, Obama is my president now." Why? Did your convictions disappear with your vote? Are you now in favor of abortion, same sex marriage, a soft approach with terrorists? Although we do have a responsibility to pray for President-elect Obama, we don't have to buy his bill of goods. We are strapped with him and his ilk for the next four years at least, but unless we get off our duffs and get busy about promoting the convictions we have that are based on scripture, this will only be the beginning. I've just read Isaiah 3. Among the things that God promised and delivered upon His people (Jerusalem and Judah) was
  1. Strip them of their economy; vs 1
  2. Deplete their military; vs 2
  3. Take away their leaders and advisers; vs 3
  4. Give them young, inexperienced, immature leaders; vs 4
  5. Abandon them to "distress" one another; vs 5
  6. Allow their children to become insolent and disrespectful; vs 5
And that is just through the first 5 verses of the chapter. I find these things to be eerily similar to what is happening in America right now. This is no time to sit back, lick our wounds, and accept whatever is dished out to us. We must bombard the gates of heaven with our prayers. We have to get serious about actually living out 2 Chronicles 7:14. We have to aggressively go about fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. If we don't, we may well see the words of Isaiah 3 become reality in our time.


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