Where is Intellectual Honesty?

I've just had a frustrating exchange with an unbeliever who refuses to even consider any scripture because he doesn't consider it "divine" whatever that means. He is trusting his "body of work" (never heard that one before) and his "resume" to get him into heaven. My question is, doesn't he read other writings that he does not consider to be "divine"? If so, why not read the Bible, just as any other writing? It would seem to me that if one is to be intellectually honest, he must do that.
I'm convinced that if a person read the Bible with an open mind, the Spirit of God would communicate truth to them so that they would be without excuse. That is to say, they could never say again, "But I didn't know.". Perhaps that is the reason they don't want to read it in the first place. Somehow they know that if they did, their excuses for not believing would be gone.
So, anyone who reads this, please pray for "John". The Lord knows which John it is. Ask God to so prick his curiosity that he will read the scriptures and discover for himself the God of the Bible. Right now he is following the god (little "g") of his mind, and not realizing that the end of that journey will be eternal damnation.


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