Twas the Day Before Christmas

After a 12 hour drive from Sebring, FL to Birmingham, AL, we arrived at our daughter's @ 7:30 p.m. last night.  We slept (kinda) on the blow up bed we brought, on the living room floor.  During the night we were visited at various times by one or both of the family cats.  Also the temp dropped enough that at various times Rae and I both searched the room for additional covers.  I'm not sure how much I slept, but it was not enough.  Today (the day before Christmas) has been filled with walks, football, baseball, table games,etc. with the grandkids.  We've just returned from lunch at Krystal (it's a southern thing). Rae, Carissa & I split a bag full of Krystals, while the kids polished off some chicken bits & fries.  Now, hopefully, everyone will catch a nap (except the son in law, who is installing a new dishwasher.)  I've offered my services, but, as of yet they aren't needed.  It's just as well cause I'm sleepy.
Hopefully the Christmas Eve service will help us turn the corner from the commercial to the real meaning of Christmas.  BTW, I heard on Twitter from Mark Matlock whose daughter asked him why there wasn't a Christmas Adam.  Good question.  How much more confused can we make our kids about Christmas? 
I'm not privy to whether or not there will be any present exchanges tonight or if we're waiting til tomorrow.  I know that the other daughter and family get here the day after Christmas, so there will be some more exchanges then.  I just continue to hope that we're not sending the wrong message to our kids & grandkids.  You are first and foremost, and oh yeah, there is the story of the birth of Jesus. 


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