Dear Jesus

I just wanted to write and say "thank You". I often thank You for stuff You've done for me, for answers to prayer, etc. but I don't remember lately thanking You for what You endured on my behalf during that first passion week.
Thank You for the intense prayer session You had in the garden.
Thank You for putting up with a sham trial that You and everyone else knew was rigged from the start.
Thank You for enduring the ridicule, slapping, punching, pulling out of Your beard, and spit in the face from the soldiers.
Thank You for maintaining your dignity and refusing to react to the questions and accusations of those who were "trying" You.
Thank You for enduring the scourging that would have killed lesser men.
Thank You for dying a heinous death on the cross, not for anything You had done, but for my sins.
Thank You for experiencing the desolation when Your Father turned His back on You, so that He would never turn His back on me.
Thank You most of all that You triumphed over death and the grave, and that You live today to intercede for me.
Help me to thank You with my life today, and everyday. Please don't let me ever forget what You've done for me.


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