The Pursuit of "Fun"

I've just returned from four days of visiting four Disney parks in Orlando, FL. Most of our days, with four of our grand children, our daughter and husband, ran about 10-12 hours in the park. In addition to walking many miles, I had some "down" time to engage in my favorite sport, people watching. What I saw amazed me. The majority of the people I encountered were in a hurry as they almost jogged from one venue to the next. Intricate planning was involved with many of them. I overheard detailed discussions of what, when and where as groups or families were moving around the park. Often I saw little kids, way past their point of enjoyment, being dragged by parents who were hurrying them to the next event or ride. As the day progressed and the temperatures rose, so did the decibels of the voices. By mid to late afternoon, more and more young ones were asleep either in their rented strollers or in a parent's arms.
One almost got the feeling watching this frenzy of fun-seeking that this would be the absolute last opportunity many of these people would have to "enjoy" one of Walt's Wonders. I guess many of them figured that they wanted to get their money's worth by taking in the most activities they could in the shortest amount of time. I'm sure that I've had the opportunity to see a microcosm of life inside the Disney compound. "Fun" is such a treasured commodity these days that we will spend loads of dollars and scads of energy pursuing as much of it as we can stand as fast as we can. This is not really anything new. My wife recalled our going through some of the Disney parks years ago with an older couple who lived in the area. They almost ran us to death in order for us to briefly experience every venue on the property. Their plan was to always go to the left because most people go to the right. They figured that would give us a "jump" on the next event I guess.
Maybe it is my age, but I'd love to just "meander" through each of the Disney parks with no agenda except to savor the experience. It may take me several years to make the rounds, and I may never finish, but I'm convinced that I'd enjoy it a lot more. Just think, if we set out to really enjoy rather than just experience on the fly, we might discover a whole new level of "fun" that we never knew existed.


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