Guilt vs Conviction

I read a statement the other day that if people learned to deal with guilt and un-forgiveness, our hospitals would be relatively empty. It reminded me of the book by Dr. Carl Meninger entitled "What Ever Happened to Sin?" This morning I had a woman in my office dealing with what she perceived to be guilt over the death of her 27 year old daughter. The daughter died of a brain aneurysm. I explained to her that there was no way she could have prevented such an unfortunate death even if she had been sitting in the room with her daughter at the time. As we continued to talk about the myriad problems the woman had, I suggested that perhaps her guilt was connected to something else, but had just manifested at the death of her daughter. Immediately she said, "That's it!" I explained that when there is un-confessed sin in our lives that we have neglected or refused to acknowledge that "guilt" is really conviction, and sometimes manifests attached to something other than the event or action that is really the cause. We must ask God to reveal the true cause and confess and repent of it and then we can be free. She then said, "I have to go!" and left to deal with the cause of her conviction.
I've discovered that when guilt is "floating" and not attached to anything specific, it is likely a ruse of the enemy seeking to divert us from focus on God and His will. The Holy Spirit is very specific in His conviction and pinpoints the cause so that we can deal with it.


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