One Man's Opinion

To this point I've resisted the urge to give my opinion on some of the inane descisions, past and present, made by the elite politicians. From their own version of Mount Olympus (Washington, D. C.) and exempt from any of the restrictions their legislation puts on the rest of us, they have reached at point where it matters not what the public thinks. At the very least they have a term to foist their evil upon us. Un-doing what they do in the meantime will take decades (cite Roe v Wade) if not longer. Since I've mentioned the legalization of infanticide in America, have any of these progressive "thinkers" weighed the economic impact of killing babies? Because of the mass murder of over a million babies, there will be fewer people down the road to pay into the Social Security system, thereby hastening it's demise. Of course, those who passed the legislation aren't worried because they are exempt from Soial Security. Link the abortion issue with granting homosexual marriage rights, and the hand writing is on the wall for America. We'll soon (hopefully not in my grandchildren's lives) cease to exist as a free nation. We will be a nation of illegal immigrants at best since there is no incentive for any immigrant to do it the old fashioned way (legally). They have all they could possibly want without the burden of citizenship.
The straw that broke the camel's back for me is the recent decision of our President and Attorney General to grant a confessed war criminal full rights as a citizen of the country he has sworn to destroy. As if that were not enough, then both of them went out of their way to taint the jury pool by guaranteeing a guilty verdict and death penalty. I can hear the plethora of legal shenanegans now as lawyers for the accused cite reasons why a fair trial is not possible. All it will take is one liberal judge, and the master mind of 7/11 walks. AG Holder says that he won't be freed which means we'll pay his room and board for he next 20 years or so.
Here's my suggestion to Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of their ilk. If you don't like the way America has thrived for over 200 years, please move to Europe, or Canada, or any of the countries now under Shiara (?) government. I know that many of them have stricter immigration laws than we do (thanks to you) but you've made a career of finding loopholes.


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