I Must be Getting Old

We just returned from a quick trip to Alabama. Left on Monday and returned on Friday, both days were occupied with 11+ hours driving. In between we were in rainy, cool to cold weather. Got to see our granddaughter star in their school production of Willy Wonka, Jr. She played the part of Charlie and was brilliant. The return trip to Sebring was with the three Alabama "grandies" who are spending spring break with us. Already I've discovered that I'm not a patient nor as energetic as I once was. This morning's trip to the church, the bank and McDonald's with the boys exposed me as an old guy. One older gentleman at McD's said quietly to me as I was getting some tea "You have your hands full." Another came to the rescue when one of the boys went scurrying after ketchup by offering us a couple of packets he had left over.
I'm also discovering that I have hearing problems I didn't know I had. On the one hand, the decibels are hurting my ears. On the other, the speed with which the Alabamans speak with very few consonants enunciated leave me having to ask them to repeat what they've just said. The only words that come through loud and clear are "I can't" and "but he did..." I'm thinking of banning those words from general usage at my house.
All of this has caused me to recognize what others probably already knew...I'm old.


Anonymous said…
Too funny, Bro. B! I can relate to you in the patience department! After spending all day with 18 6 year olds, I have none left by the time I get home each day! Enjoy this season of your life! I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Ann Jackson

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