Living Off-balanced

Just about the time I think I've got life by the tail, I find myself face to face with the snarling other end. Circumstances always get in the way of my carefully laid out plans for life. Weather (earthquakes, tsnamis) illness, the economy, loss of a loved one, you name it; any one or a combination of those can throw me off-balance in the blink of an eye. All of which brings me to the question, "Is it really such a bad thing to live an off-balanced life? I realize that all the self-help gurus would respond in chorus "Yes! You must learn to live a balanced life!" Let me see if I can validate my point.
  • When I'm living off-balanced, my senses are more alive because I don't know what is coming next.
  • When I'm living off-balanced I'm more open to a hand from an outside helper.
  • When I'm living off-balanced I'm more likely to discover new abilities I didn't know that I had.
  • When I'm living off-balanced I'm more tuned in to God and more likely to trust Him than my own abilities and instincts.
So there! Have I made my point? Even though it is important for us to have core values, plans, mission statements, etc. it is more important for us to recognize that God is God and we are not. He is the One who controls the "big picture"; He holds the remote. He can change the channel any time He pleases. I'm learning (at age 71) that, like it or not, life is usually not "balanced". And, I'm learning to like it that way.


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