Do First, Then Be

I'm always fascinated by child prodigies. This morning on Fox News I saw a 7 year old tap-dancer who was phenomenal. I don't know the percentages, but I'd guess that prodigies in any field of endeavor are few and far between. On the other hand there are those who became great at what they do by doing it...over and over again. I remember reading that Einstein was not a very good student. Lincoln failed at numerous attempts for public office before becoming one of our best known presidents.
Sometimes there is a parent who sacrifices a great deal and pushes a child to become great (Tiger Woods)
In my own life I've experienced modest success in several fields of ministry simply by doing them. I started out in Music & Youth ministry,and was mediocre at best in both of them. Finally, after 20 years of combination ministry, I sensed God asking me to move into full-time Student Ministry. Though I was not young (40 at the time) and was not a former athlete, scintillating speaker, or had any of the other skill sets that most Youth Ministers had, God gave me a fruitful ministry with students. Later, at the request of my pastor, I became a Minster to Singles. Once again, I had to "do" it before I "became" an effective Singles Minister. Then God led me into becoming an Associate Pastor with emphasis on Christian Education and Discipleship, and finally, in my early retirement, I'm serving in my second interim pastorate. Every day of my life I've seen the truth that God is more interested in AVAILABILITY than ABILITY. I don't think that Isaiah had ever even been on a short-term mission trip when he said to God, "Here am I, send me." Now, because he was willing to "do" as God led, he has become "The Prophet".
Bottom line...God is looking for F.A.T. people; those who are FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE and TEACHABLE. When He finds someone like that, He delights to show Himself mighty on their behalf. Don't shrink back from "doing" as God presents opportunity, and, viola! one day you'll find yourself "being".


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