Justifying My Existence

Today it dawned on me that for all the teaching and preaching I do, nothing will ever match the accomplishment of sharing the gospel with a lost person and seeing the light come on in their soul as they receive Christ. Even writing that is convicting. Today I scoured both my Twitter and FaceBook accts. and found no mention of a person being led to Christ...and the large majority of my FB "friends" and Twitter "buds" are professing Christians. I spent my time today studying and preparing for the Wednesday evening prayer meeting and Sunday morning services. That is a good use of time, but during that time 1000s went into eternity without Christ. I'm on the verge of deciding that Christians are some of the least effective people on the planet when it comes to propagating their own kind. For all our rhetoric, words in print, programs and plans, we see very little return. That makes me wonder if God is all that involved with what we are doing. If so, where is His power? Where is the fruit?
I understand that scripture teaches that it is never easy to follow Christ, but I also understand that He said if I did follow Him, He would make me a "fisher of men". Caught any lately? Me neither. I'm sure this rant will pass, but I almost hope that it doesn't. I really hope that God will so discomfit me that I will be miserable until I can point to the seeds I've sown and to the harvest I've participated in on a regular, if not daily, basis.


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