How Strongly Do You Believe?

As we approach the 4th of July weekend most folks are looking forward to a day off, grilling at the beach or in the back yard, hanging with friends and family at the lake, and fireworks. In the midst of it all, the grey-heads will march in parades, hold special meetings at the flag pole, and generally, uphold the reason for the holiday...the celebration of our independence. I wonder just how much longer we will be able to hold on to the relevance of the day. It seems that with the revisionists changing much of our history, and schools doing away with the pledge of allegiance, and families giving little or no thought to why we're celebrating and not passing the legacy on to their kids, it won't be long until it becomes a meaningless day.
Do you believe strongly enough in the history of our nation to take the time to read, study and pass along the history behind the holiday? Does it cross your mind that your children and grandchildren are growing up without a clue? I'm reminded of the quote of George Santayana "those who can't remember history are bound to repeat it." This is usually mis-quoted "those who forget the mistakes of history are prone (doomed) to repeat them." Either way, we need to give some time and energy to the reason we celebrate Independence Day, or it will soon go the way of Christmas and Easter...wonderful holidays which have lost the real "reason for the season".


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