Our "News" is not "News" to God

I get a little amused when watching the news, that everyone seems so caught up in the "breaking news", or "this just in to our news desk" announcements. Even believers seem to be wondering what in the world is going on. The truth of the matter is that what we call "news" God has know about forever. In many instances He has even tried to get our attention BEFORE the "news" broke so that we would be ready. Even the Apostle Paul reminds us in several places in his writings that we should not be "caught unaware".
What is going on is that God is trying to get the attention of His people and warn them that "we ain't seen nothing yet". It is only going to get worse until (or unless) we start paying attention to such admonitions as 2 Chronicles 7:14) The little word "if" is powerful. "If" we, the people of God, don't humble ourselves and pray and repent (turn from our wicked ways) and seek God's face (not just His hands) then we can't expect healing for our land...we can only expect judgment. Someone has well said, "If God doesn't judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."
I'm not a gloom and doom prophet, but I can read. My prayer for America is that the people of God will realize that all these so-called "natural disasters" along with the man-made ones (oil spill,etc.) are really wake up calls. We can't keep hitting the snooze button. We must change our behavior and our attitude or the other shoe will soon drop. We must also realize that God spanks His own kids for their disobedience, and even putting padding in our pants won't lessen the pain of His correction.
Just as the anger of Jesus was directed toward the so-called "religious" establishment, the anger of God is now pointed directly toward the complacent, lazy, disobedient ones who claim to be in His Forever Family. Go back and read Matthew 7:21-23. WAKE UP CHURCH!


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