The Gift of TODAY

TODAY is a gift. You were never promised TODAY. You've done nothing to earn TODAY. Yet you have it. Watching my twin granddaughters open birthday presents last week reminded me that I get gifts all the time that I never really thought of as gifts. Seeing their delight with each gift they opened, reminded me that I have the choice of "delighting myself in the Lord" everyday that He sees fit to give me. So, just how does one "delight" themselves in the Lord? Well it may be a bit different for everyone, but here are some ideas for starters.
  • Greet the day with a positive attitude.
  • Start your day in God's Word. Let Him speak to you early today.
  • Choose to look on the positive side of every event or encounter today.
  • Embrace the joys of breathing, smelling, tasting, and experiencing today.
  • Look at circumstances as opportunities.
  • Expect the best from everyone you encounter
Enjoy your gift of TODAY. At the end of TODAY, reflect on all you experienced, file them away in your memory box, and look forward to the next gift that God has in store for you. By the way, He is delighted when you choose to delight in Him and His gift of TODAY.


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