Time to Use Our Greatest Weapon

We have reached a point in our American society where there is primarily one group of people who can be ridiculed, verbally attacked and otherwise vilified by the media, politicians, public educators, and the entertainment industry without any outcry by the general public. That group is comprised of Christians; believers in and followers of Jesus Christ. Those whose guide for living is the Bible. Any stance taken by a Christian based on their Biblical beliefs is fair game for the aforementioned groups. College and grad students are being denied pursuit of their education by some universities unless they go through a "re-education" process to change their beliefs to be more in line with the secular mind-set of the school. Does this sound a bit like Nazi-ism and Communism? Yet it goes on uncontested in America every day. The time has come to get out the "big gun". What is that weapon? It is prayer. The Psalmist, King David knew how to incorporate this weapon when he was put upon by many enemies. Time and again he poured out his complaint s against his enemies and asked the Lord to intervene on his behalf. Time and again God complied with his requests. It is time for churches to train their people as prayer warriors and intercessors. We need to pray with a newspaper in our hands. We need to pray as we watch TV or listen to the radio. We need to pray for our politicians and against ungodly positions that many of them have taken.
Years ago I hear Bible Teacher/Preacher Ron Dunn explain that prayer is like an intercontinental ballistic missile; it can be fired from a launching pad no larger than our knees; it can travel at the speed of thought to any location in the world and be exactly on target, and there is no defense against it. It is true that a Christian can never stand any taller than when he or she is on their knees in prayer.
We have somehow relegated prayer to opening & closing events or meetings and asking for healing for the myriad diseases that plague mankind. However, if we want to change the status quo, the time has come to realize that our primary weapon for doing so is prayer; persistent, urgent, direct, honest prayer that brings the power of the Almighty into the midst of the fray.


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