Sin: The Cancer of the Soul

This has been a trying year. In May our daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the beginning of her chemo in June, her mom, my wife has been with her to help with the household (4 children age 10 and under) during the chemo. Our daughter has blogged throughout the experience ( We're now in a brief hiatus before surgery. As I think back over the toll that cancer has taken in our family over the years, it is readily apparent that this disease effects not only the patient, but also the extended family and friends. As I have pondered the impact of this disease on our family, I've also thought about the expanded impact of the sin of an individual on family and friends
In Psalm 51, King David, having been exposed by the prophet Nathan writes to God, "Against Thee and Thee only have I sinned." My question is, "what about Bathsheba? Uriah? Your other wives and your children?" The old caveat, "It's my life, and it is no one's business but mine." is just not true. Our sins effect the lives of those who know us, love us and are influenced by us. Though, like cancer, our sins are contagious, they are somewhat like throwing a pebble into water. The eddies keep moving outward, influencing the whole body of water. The recent allegations about a prominent NFL quarterback, if true, will have an impact on his wife, family, friends and fans. Nothing happens in isolation. It is time for us to realize that, even though we consider ourselves not to be very influential, there are many more than we know who are affected by our choices and actions. Sin eats away at our soul, and even when forgiven, there is always a scar.


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