The Ministry of Being There

This has been a hectic week in our lives. On Monday we flew from FL to NJ. Tuesday morning we helped get four grandkids off to school while our son in law took our daughter to the hospital. After getting the kids away to school we joined our son in law at the hospital to await the report from our daughter's surgery for breast cancer. There were actually two surgeries; one for removal of the breasts, and another for the beginning of reconstruction. Five and a half hours later, we finally got to see our daughter in recovery. All of this detail is just to set the stage for this blog update.
It seemed that both my wife and my son in law had well defined duties during this ordeal. As for me, I was there. I prayed, I ran errands, I played with the kids, I helped with meals and clean up, but mostly I was just there. At first this bothered me because everyone else was so "purpose driven" to borrow a phrase. Finally, as I asked God to help me be of some use, He gave me peace with just "being here". Hopefully everyone in the family knows that I'm available to do whatever, whenever. Today my assignment is to be at home with a sick grandchild while the others are all about specific duties. At least that frees up the others to be out and about.
Not to spiritualize my position, but I do notice in scripture that there seems to be a premium on those who are available for "whatever". Even King David saw fit to give the same portion of spoils to those who "stayed by the stuff" as to those who went to battle. I'm still feeling a bit on the outside, but I'm becoming more comfortable with my ministry of "being there".


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