Sitting here having a conversation with with Joshua, my 7 year old grandson...for that I'm thankful.
Hearing my daughters laughing and talking in the next room...for that I'm thankful.
Seeing my wife at the airport last night as she and my son in law Marshall picked me up after midnight...for this I'm thankful.
Waking without a headache this morning...for that I'm thankful.
Enjoying connecting with friends on the internet...for that I'm thankful.
For life, health, peace, freedom, a wonderful wife, 2 brilliant, outstanding and talented daughters, 2 godly sons in law and 7 marvelous, enthusiastic and smart grandkids; best of all, they are all saved...we'll be together for eternity...for all that I'm thankful
Reading in Psalm 138 today that "the Lord will fulfill His purposes for me". For that I'm VERY thankful.
I want to live my life giving thanks to the Father for all His gifts...mostly for the gift of His Son, Jesus, my Saviour and my big brother in the family of God.
I'm thankful.


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