Sip or Gulp; the Result is the Same

This will be my one and only foray into politics on this site.  I'm dumbfounded that so many intelligent, avowed Christ-followers are "drinking the kool-aid" the Democrat Party has prepared.  By that I mean, they are ignoring the huge platform planks of infanticide (abortion on demand) and same-sex marriage being equal to the biblical model.  It seems that the economy trumps all in their estimation.  There have been charismatic leaders throughout history that have led their country down the steep slope of extinction because they chose to ignore the existence or teachings of God.  In the final analysis, it isn't what one claims, but rather what one does that identifies who they are.
I suppose that some will say, "Well, there is enough good to counteract the bad in the Democrat platform."  To that I would reply, "I have a nice cold drink here for you...O yes, it is only 99% pure, the other 1% is cyanide."  Would you drink it?  It would make no difference if you just sipped it or gulped it, the end result would be that you would die.
So, it makes no difference if you are trying to sift out the bad stuff and just ingesting the good stuff, it just can't be done.  The "drink" is mixed, it can't be un-mixed.  It can only be thrown out and a new drink (platform) made in a new container.
BTW if anyone can show me biblical basis for the two platform issues I mentioned above, I would PERHAPS reconsider.


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