Why Paul Would Visit the US If He Were Alive Today

I believe that if the Apostle Paul were alive today, he would want to visit the USA just as he desired to visit Rome in his day.  Why?  Because the USA shares some of the same characteristics that Rome had during its hey-day.  John MacArthur listed some of the questions facing people in both countries;
Is Jesus really God? What proves He is God? Why did He come? What is a saint? What is God like? How can God send people to hell? What will happen to people who have never heard the gospel? Why do men reject God and Christ? Why are there false religions and idols? What is man's biggest sin? Why is there sex perversion, hate, crime and those other things and why are they so rampant? What is the standard by which God condemns people? How can a person who has never heard be held responsible?” (John MacArthur)
Perhaps what we need in America today is a modern day Paul who would address issues without concern about political correctness.  He presented the gospel without apology to the Romans.  He would do the same in America today.  Too often we are getting a "filtered version" of the Good News that is deemed more palatible for the population.  We are allowing politicians to make theological decisions.  For example, the politicians are currently attempting to remove any sort of religious influence from our military.  In Paul's mind this would fall under the mandate to obey God rather than man.  He would plainly declare the truth even though commanded not to do so by authorities.
I think that preachers in America today must prepare to face government intrusion into their ministries and possible incarceration should they choose to ignore the un-godly demands placed on them by the political establishment.

We need Paul!


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