Bound to A Promis; A Review

I was sent this book by the B & B Media Group in return for my review.
Bonnie Floyd has written a book that, while true, reads almost like a novel.  Her word pictures enable the reader to experience the things she saw, heard and felt.  It is almost like readingsomeone's personal diary.  At times I felt that I was eaves-dropping on very private moments.
Not only is this a riveting story of intrigue and murder, it is also an inspiring story of redemption both with God and with fellow human beings.
Along the way you will meet her father, Bill, her step-mother Kathy, "My Donnie" her husband as well as a variety of characters including Scotland Yard dectives, millionaires, statesmen, murderers, prison superintendants and more.
You'll need to set aside time to read because once you begin this book, it will hard to put down.  Bound to a Promise is a must read.


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