The Blessed Church, a Review

I was given a copy of the book "The Blessed Church" by Robert Morris in exchange for my review on my blog.
Robert Morris, founding and senior pastor of Gateway Church in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area has done pastors a great service in this book, The Blessed Church.  The book is divided into six sections, and features 24 "Keys to a Blessed Church" that make it easy to reference.  Although it is an easy read, it will probably require several re-reads in order to digest all the information that has grown out of Morris' own journey. Especially insightful is his take on the primary task(s) of a senior pastor to "feed and lead" in that order.  
For the pastor of a church that does not incorporate Elder governance or Apostolic oversight, there are portions of the book that would not apply.  That being said, I found the book to be enriching, encouraging and insightful in getting a grasp on church health which leads to church growth.


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