Starting at the Finish Line; a Book Review

I received this book from the B & B Media Group in return for my review.
John B. Wallace, a California dentist, former LDS member and convert to evangelical Christianity has written a "must-read" book for anyone wishing to understand the differences in Mormonism and Christianity.  Although he wrote it for LDS members who perhaps have become disenchanted with their faith, it is a treasure chest for anyone wanting to better understand the doctrine of grace.
While dealing with some deep theology, he maintains an extremely practical and understandable presentation.  His illustrations and metaphors are spot on.
In describing his journey from LDS to Christianity Wallace's passion for both understanding and communicating the transition shows through in almost every paragraph.
In the preface John tells about a question someone asked him.  "John imagine that you are at the podium of an event being held in a large stadium.  This stadium is filled with 75,000 Mormons, every Mormon you've ever known, plus another 65,000 or so.  You've got their undivided attention for twenty minutes. What would you say?"  His response was, "I would focus all of my attention on the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  I would preach the gospel of grace."  And that is just what he does in the pages of this book.  He does it in a captivating manner that draws the reader into his journey and answers many questions along the way.  Get this book.


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