The Evolution of an Idea

At any given moment there are numberless ideas floating around in our heads.  Occasionally one of these ideas rises to the top, moves from our sub-conscious mind to our conscious thinking and begins to gestate, much like an embryo in the womb.  At that moment "life" of the idea begins.  From that moment on it bugs us constantly until we either abort it or nurture it to fruition.  When we choose to nurture the idea, it becomes a driving force in our life.  We turn it over and over in our minds, studying it from all angles and looking for ways to make it reality. at the same time we release a power beyond ourselves to make it all possible.  Let me give you an example. Many years ago, as a young staff member of a local church in San Diego, CA, I was sitting in the balcony of the auditorium at Glorieta Baptist Assembly.  I think the year was 1967.  My wife and I enjoyed the presentation of one of the first "contemporary Christian Musical" entitled "Good News".  It was presented by a Baptist Student Union Choir from a college in Oklahoma.  At the time I had a small youth choir at my church.  The idea popped in my head, "I want to present this musical with my youth choir".  Truth be told we did not have the necessary musicians nor even the money to purchase the music.  However, the idea moved to the front of my brain and I began to dream of ways to make it happen.  Long story short, within a year my youth choir grew to almost 60 members, I discovered some guitarists and a drummer to go with our pianist, someone helped with the funds to purchase the music and our "Good News" choir toured around So. California presenting the musical "Good News".  A few years ago we had a "Good News" choir reunion in San Diego and were able to reconnect with many of those original choir members.  Who knew that such a thing was even possible back then.

Bottom line, never discount any of those ideas that float to the top of your consciousness.  Latch on to one of them, let it become almost an obsession, and see what God will bring to the fore to make the idea become reality.  We are capable of far more than we can imagine.  As Jesus said to His disciples one day when they questioned how a rich man could get into heaven, "With God all things are possible."


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