The Need for Community

I don't think I'd make a very good Monk.  On Tuesdays I usually spend several hours behind the door of my office working on sermons for the coming weekend.  In the process, I do a lot of reading; sermons, blogs, articles and of course Scripture.  As I glean information from numerous resources, occasionally a new idea pops into my brain.  At that point I desperately desire someone with whom to share my thoughts and to bat them back and forth with me so that I get a better grasp of where to take the idea next.  I don't have a staff other than a secretary and a part time custodian.  Both of them are occupied with their various responsibilities and not at all interested in juggling ideas around.

Today as the rain gently pattered on the sidewalk outside my window, I found myself once again trapped in my own mind with some ideas that desperately need to be aired out to someone.  I don't necessarily need someone to be a "yes" person.  I need someone who will ask questions, make observations and perhaps offer a different slant that what I've taken.

I think that is what true community is all about; the mutual batting back and forth of thoughts and ideas until a new or slightly different direction emerges.  My on-going prayer is that God will send me a playing partner for this game of pastoring.


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