What to do With a Day Off

Today is Independence Day, 2016.  Our office is closed; I slept past 6:30; I have no agenda for the day except to get a walk and a work out done.  The thought just crossed my mind to drive over to Lakeview Drive and do my walking there.  Sounds like a plan.
The only problem with these thoughts is that my mind is programmed to work.  After almost 65 years of working (I had my first job at age 13) it is difficult for me to encounter a day with no agenda.  I think that is why I don't really "unplug" until about half way through a two week vacation.
The big thing I'm going to attempt today is to spend less time in front of the "boob-tube".  That seems to be my "go-to" thing when I have some down time.  So...here is the plan that is emerging;
Walk in a different locale and pray as I walk
Work out at the fitness center
Spend less time in the recliner in front of the TV
Take a nap
Enjoy fellowship with my wife

I hope I'm able to pull this off.  I think if I do it will be like a mini-vacation...or a Sabbath.  Hopefully I'll emerge from this day refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the week ahead.


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