What If???

Faith Baptist Church in Lake Placid was established back in 1984 with a vision to reach residents in the Sun n Lakes community. Since that time the church has been relocated to the corner of CR 29 and Holmes Ave, meaning that many people beyond the Sun n Lake area have access to the church. Most of the effort of the church has been "come to us" oriented. If you come to the church we will teach you, pray for you, minister to you and be your "church family".
What if...we began to be an "as you go" church? Here's what I mean by that. In addition to the Sun n Lake community we now have people who are members here who live in Placid Lakes, the Lakeview Community, Sylvan Shores, at Henderson's Fish Camp and other spots on Lake Ishtapoga, in the Lake June area and even Sebring. What if we began to think of taking the church to our neighborhood? What if in each of these areas where we have members there was at least one Home Group, hosted by residents of that community? What if people could have the "Family of Faith" experience before they ever set foot in Faith Baptist Church? If it possible that we could begin to impact all of Lake Placid?
And...what if our Winter Residents took the "Faith Baptist Church" experience back with them to their summer home area? Even though we may never see those impacted this side of heaven, could it be that we might have an influence on someone outside of Florida coming to faith in Christ and being discipled by someone who has been here?
We go a good job with our praying and giving to missions...but are we doing the job right where we are? What if we began to explore the possibilities and "decentralize" in order to reach more people for the kingdom of God?
By the way, this concept will work through any church anywhere that decides to become an "as you go" church instead of "come and visit" church.


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