Words fascinate me. I love to find out their etimology (another neat word). The word "circumstances" would seem to me to mean; "circum" or surrounded, "stance" or position. A surrounded position. I find myself in a surrounded position today. Yesterday, on our way to visit my wife's mom in the nursing home at Aliceville, AL, suddenly our van lost power, then pretty much, locked up. After getting towed to a garage, picked up by my brother-in-law, we finally got a rough estimate of $1200. The major problem was a broken timing belt, which we had replaced only a month ago. Calls to the mechanic in FL who had done the work, did not provide any financial help as we had hoped. Finally we called my brother back in Cullman and he and his wife drove down to pick us up. We're back in Cullman while our van in waiting in Reform, AL for parts to be delivered on Wednesday. Looks as if we will be at least a week late returning to FL.
All of this is the background from which I'm trying to discern the reason for our circumstances. I'm one who believes that, for those who trust in God, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason grows out of something we have done or left undone. Other times it is God at work, positioning you for something He wants to do either in you or through you. An example of this is Joseph. It seemed that he went from one dire circumstance to another, yet he did not lose heart. In due time (13 years) he became the #2 man in Egypt. God positioned him so that he was in the right place at the right time for the good of God's chosen people.
So, my question to God today is, "Why am I in this particular circumstance, and for how long?" He may not give me an answer right away, but in His time, I will know. I would love to say I'm good with that, but truthfully, I'm anxious to know now. I want to get on with the other side of the circumstances even though I know that God's timing is perfect.


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