Redeeming the Time

In Paul's writings on a couple of occasions he reminds us to "redeem the time because the days are evil." I'm practicing that right now. Not that I have come up on "evil days", but I have a situation that is out of my control. I can either fret or choose to redeem the time. I should have been back in Florida a week ago last Saturday (Jan. 10). Instead, due to a major melt-down of our van, I'm cooling my heels ('s been cold in AL) for the past 9 days. We have passed two promised deadlines for the repair, and are coming up on the third tomorrow. Each repair seems to reveal something else that is amiss.
Anyhow, I have chosen to use the time to read, pray, and work on some books that I am writing. In the meantime, I'm meeting new people almost everyday, and being reminded of life in a REALLY small town. My wife went to Dollar General Store the other day. When she mentioned that to a resident, their remark was, "Oh, you've visited our mall."
I'm trying to "
not be anxious about anything, but pray about everything. With thanksgiving make your requests to the Lord". I'm finding that to be a bit harder than anticipated, and yet very rewarding.
Paul knew whereof he spoke. From his prison cell, this type A personality wrote most of the epistles to the churches that we have in our New Testament. I'm no Paul, but I am learning to redeem the time...but I do hope my van is ready tomorrow.


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