We just enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner with my brother, sister and their spouses. Even though there is as much as eight years difference in our ages, we all got married the same year, and are all still married to the same spouses (going on 43 years). As we ate, chatted and reminised, it was almost as if we haven't been separated by almost 1,000 miles. Family is a wonderful creation of our Heavenly Father. Even more than the nuclear family, we have our local church family and the family of all believers. I've had the privilege of some international travel, and found that, even with language and culture differences, the familial bond of common belief in our Lord causes one to feel right at home. Because I've been a believer for most of my life, I really don't recall what it was like to be without this extended family. I can't imagine how the vast number of unbelievers cope without such a support system.
Quite often when one is sharing the gospel with an unbeliever, the primary "perk" if you will, that is given for becoming a Christian is a home in heaven. As wonderful as that is, it doesn't really impress many who don't know Christ. However, if the truth of John 10:10 were shared, I believe that more people would be interested in becoming Christians. Jesus said,
"I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly." A great part of that abundant life is the wonderful family we become part of, right here and now.


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