Pulling the Trigger

You've probably seen this scenario replayed a thousand times on TV and in the movies. The goodguy/badguy (you choose) has his target in the sights of his high powered sniper's rifle. He has a clear shot. His finger begins to tighten on the trigger...and then...for some unknown reason, he lowers the gun and the moment passes.
I find myself in somewhat the same situation. I'm writing a devotional book. I had set a deadline for publishing (which has passed) contacted several self-publishing companies, talked with numerous representatives and visited myriad websites. However, along the way I got diverted from my target and have never finished the book. I'm down to the last 14 weeks which will complete the year long devotional book. Somehow I know that when I finish the writing, I'll have to pull the trigger on selecting a publishing package and invest some money in my project. As I take aim, a thousand thoughts buzz through my brain. What If I publish it and no one buys it? Should I go paper back or hard back? Am I just on an ego trip, or has God really put this in my heart? etc, etc.
The bottom line is that until I "pull the trigger" I'll never know the answer to those questions. I imagine that there are others out there who struggle with the moment of decision. Should I take that job? Should I sell the house? Should I send the kids to public school? Should I talk with my neighbor about Christ? Everyone has a different "should I", but we all reach that moment when the target is in our sights, we have a clear shot, and it is time to pull the trigger. It is a scary moment, but one that is necessary if anything is going to be accomplished. I'm going back to the keyboard and finishing those last 14 weeks. I'll let you know when I take the shot.


Ann Jackson said…
Great insights!! I can totally relate because I wrote a children's book last Christmas, and the manuscript is still sitting on my desk. I keep putting off getting it all put together and publishing it because of all the "what ifs" and "Should I's". Thanks for sharing what's on your heart - and get back to the keyboard. Your devotional book is going to be wonderful and an inspiration and tool through which God will speak to many, I'm sure!!!

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