When Will It Ever End?

About the time I think that the "worship wars" are over, I hear of another flare up. I know that God must be very tired of this. The silly thing about it is that those who are wrangling over what style of music to use in worship services aren't at all shy about taking potshots at those with other opinions. Their mantra seems to be "any opinion is good so long as it is mine."
I got to thinking today on my walk about the words, "contempory" and "traditional". If you break these words down, neither make sense in the way people are bandying them around regarding church music.
Example; Con (with) temporary (that which is passing away); so, what is contemporary today is not tomorrow...because it was only temporary to start with. Also, contemporary music depends on the part of the country or world being referred to. What is contemporary in So. America is not in No. America, etc.
Then there is "traditional". Once again it depends on where you live as to what is traditional. There are traditions that exist where I grew up that don't where I live now. The church I now attend would call Southern Gospel music traditional.
It seems to me that there is a bit of the "Cain" spirit rampant in the church today. You know; if my offering isn't acceptable to God, I'll just get rid of the competition. Hmmmm.


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