Exposed: Inexcusable Me...Irreplaceable Him - Shannon M. Deitz - Google Books

Exposed: Inexcusable Me...Irreplaceable Him - Shannon M. Deitz - Google Books:

For me this was a tough read.  I received a complimentary copy of the book from B &  B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.  So, here goes....
For much of the book I felt a bit like a voyeur, looking through a bedroom window at a young woman's most vulnerable moments.  At best I felt that I was reading someone's private diary.  Although I recognize the need to "set the stage" for what was a very positive ending, I also felt that in some instances there was "TMI".
With that disclaimer, let me move to the positive aspects I found in the book.  I believe, from her personal testimony that Ms. Deitz is a true "born again" Catholic whose allegiance is more to the Lord than to the church.  Her agonizing search for spiritual truth is the real story.  Though I cannot identify with a back ground of abuse, I have dealt with many who can, and I feel that this book would be helpful to them.
The brutal honesty as well as the forays into the supernatural may be a turn off to some readers, but my advice is, continue to the end.  It is worth the trip.  I would love to have clarification as to how the spiritual warfare was resolved, if indeed it was.  Perhaps that is for her next book.
Bottom line: I think that any person who has struggled with abuse or knows anyone who has, would benefit from reading this book.


Shannon Deitz said…
Thank you for the honest reveiw, Bill. And yes, the 'resolution' of the spiritual warfare continues in the next book. Actually, it never ends BUT it is better understood. ;)

Blessings to you!
Shannon M. Deitz

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