Review: The 3 Minute Difference

“The 3-Minute Difference” by Wayne Nance; a Review
I received a copy of this book from the B & B Media Group, Inc. in return for my honest evaluation.
To be honest, I struggled a bit in reading this book primarily because it is really three books in one.  Nance, founder and president of Real Life Management, discovered from his own experience that there are three crucial areas of a person’s life that cry for deliberate management; health & fitness, financial fitness and relationship fitness.  In this book he not only recounts his journey in dealing with these areas, but presents some extremely helpful tools for others who are struggling with one or more of them.  After reading this, I’m putting it in my reference library so that I can refer to it again and again as needed.
The name of the book “The 3-Minute Difference” is a bit of a misnomer in that it will take much longer than 3 minutes to achieve success in any of the three arenas of life mentioned above.  The name is derived from a survey which Nance has developed to aid a person in understanding their “wiring”, or attitude in life.  In about three minutes one can take the survey and determine if they are a barge, tugboat or sailboat.  These designations describe the attitude or approach to life that permeates every aspects of a person’s life.  The survey can be found on the company website
This is one of the tools that Nance uses to help the reader gain control of his/her life.  Others are the A.L.T.E.R. acrostic which stands for AWARENESS, LEARN, TACTICAL PLAN, EXECUTE (the plan) and RE-EVALUATE; identifying the H.A.D.’S (Hidden Agenda Drivers), and the LifeStyle Ladder.  He also shares insight from a friend in “5 Steps for Hanging In”.
The bottom line in my opinion is that this book provides a doable plan that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle and enjoy positive results.


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