Discipling from the Pulpit

I am a Pastor-Teacher-Shepherd.  I see my call as to make disciples as I go about my normal traffic pattern of life.  As a Pastor/Shepherd I visit, encourage and pray for my people wherever they are and whatever their need.  As a Teacher I speak from the pulpit two times each week with the goal being to "teach them to observe" all that I've been commanded.  I teach (vs preach) chapter by chapter and verse by verse.
It is as important for me to see spiritual growth happening in the lives of my people as it is to see new believers being ushered into the kingdom.  After all, the Great Commission specifically says, "go and make disciples" not "go and make converts".  This is not to say that evangelism is not important; it is vital as one of the commands that is to be "observed".  The question then is how can spiritual growth be quantified?  Here are a few ways that I evaluate the spiritual growth of my people.

  • Are people seeking, discovering and developing their spiritual gifts?
  • Are people stepping forward to fill ministry needs without being coerced?
  • Is outreach happening more and more as a life-style and less as a program?
  • Are new people showing up in church at the invitation of current members?
  • Is there a growing "sweet, sweet spirit" in this place?
  • Is the fruit of the Spirit blossoming among the congregation?
In the process of seeking to disciple the people God has put in the flock I am to shepherd, I will prophesy, exhort, encourage and evangelize...but all toward the goal of making disciples.


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