Monday Musings...

Monday is always tough for pastors.  Replays of the Sunday sermons run through their (at least my) head.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda is the thought process.  However, life goes on (interesting title for a blog) and the focus must turn to next Sunday's messages.  The truth of the matter is that there is no score card so far as God is concerned.  There are no stats (decisions recorded, points made, etc.) in God's play book. Yesterday is gone.  I can't change it, but I can learn from it.  I can decide to be better prepared spiritually and from the standpoint of preparation next week.  I can re-order my priorities so that I give adequate time to study and preparation.  Whatever I do, it must be in the "now".  Planning is wonderful, but the greatest plan in the world is of no use unless it is implemented moment by moment, step by step.  This applies to every area of life.
An example is establishing a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise.  I ate a healthy breakfast this morning. Good start, but of no avail unless I follow up with a healthy lunch and dinner and mix in some exercise to off-set the hours sitting at my desk writing and studying.  As I mentioned earlier, it is moment by moment, step by step.
The Christian life is no exception.  As praise worthy as yesterday might have been, it should never become an excuse for a spiritual "vacation".  My "walk" with God must be continual, not intermittent.  My devotional time this morning must carry over into application through the day.  I need to be aware of the presence, power and activity of God in my life moment by moment, step by step.  If I slip and fall, I must get up, brush myself off and continue moving forward.
One other "random" thought has just crossed my mind.  The faith stories of others, recounting what God has done and is doing in their lives can and should be encouraging for me.  However, their story is just that...theirs.  I must not expect their story to be replicated in my life.  God created me as an individual and will deal with me thusly.  Although I can learn from the stories of others and be encouraged by them, I can't re-live them as though they were mine.  God is writing a one-of-a-kind story in my life.  I need to cooperate with Him is what he is doing.
Now...on to the next step.


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