The Closer; a Book Review

I was given the book The Closer by Mariano Rivera with Wayne Coffey for review by the B&B Media Group.
What a delightful read!  I felt that I was sitting with Mariano Rivera listening to him reminisce about his baseball career with the New York Yankees.  Though not a Yankee fan, I was almost persuaded to become one.  Mariano's experiences from his home in Puerto Caimito, Panama all the way to the Big Apple are relayed in mesmerizing fashion.  I often felt I was sitting in the bull pen with him as he awaited the inevitable call from the manager to get ready to enter the game.  I learned that closers did not start the game in the bull pen, but usually showed up there around the fifth inning.
The story of how his faith developed as his career progressed is equally captivating.  The simple belief that he was where God had put him and for a specific purpose is something that any reader can benefit from.  There is even a touch of the mystic in how his signature pitch, the cut, appeared seemingly overnight, and how his speed advanced from the mid eighties to the mid nineties.
This is a book that will captivate even the non baseball fan.  Get it, read it and pass it on.


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