I'm enjoying one of those terrifically tiring family trips. My wife and I are the ones traveling. So far we have visited my Dad, my brother and sister-in-law, my sister, neice & her kids. We spent one night on the road in a motel; one night at my brother's house, tonight and tomorrow night we are at our daughter's house, then on Sunday we'll spend the night with a former intern then to Rae's brother's house, and finally an all day drive back to so. central FL. Whew! I can imagine that it will take a week to recover from this trip. Don't get me wrong, I love family. I love seeing them, being with them and all, but the getting there and back are the real drags. Kind of makes me wish for the days when families all lived in the same town, and sometimes on the same block. I remember that every Monday night my paternal grandfather walked the 2 blocks from his house to ours and we popped pop corn and visited. I lived only 2 doors from my maternal grand parents, and probably was in their house daily.
Now, it is almost like I need to get re-acquainted with my grandkids each time we visit. That's sad. I'd love to be close enough to see them play all their soccer games, sing in their choirs, and perform in other school events. I want to not only be their "Papa", but I'd like to be one of their best friends. I'm not sure that the way we live life today is the way God intended. I learned so much from my extended family, most of whom lived nearby. Now I only get to see my grandkids a couple of times a year. I love family!!!


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