Whew!!! Retirement is Hard!

Today retirement really started. Except I wound up working almost 12 hours today in my office at home getting my computers cleaned up, getting Outlook synched, and getting out some e-mails to my network letting them know that I'm now available for conferences & speaking engagements. Rae was subbing today, so the house was quiet except for the radio. Got a lot done, but still have a lot to do.
So far I haven't experienced the "void" that many people tell me they experienced when retiring. Part of that, I guess, comes from the fact that I didn't choose to retire...it was decided for me. My immediate focus is...I'm still alive, I still have a call from God, I still have my health, and I'm expecting an new assignment from the Father. The cool thing about working for the Kingdom of God is that, even if one location doesn't need or want you anymore, there are thousands that do. The tough thing is waiting for the next assignment. Moses is one of my heroes, but I sure hope I don't have to wait 40 years for my assignment.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow because it will not be the "same old, same old". I have no idea what the Lord has in store, but I know that it will be bigger than anything I can do on my own, and it will have eternal significance. Like I say...I can't wait.


Eternal significance.....that is a sobering phrase. It could be an exciting phrase....and it can be a frightening phrase. We should ALL ask ourselves what eternal significance our lives are making, our decisions are making, our relationships are making, etc..
It's really something we should meditate on daily.
I think I'll go do that right now. Thanks for the reminder!

Love you!
....So bloom where you are planted, friend! Can't wait to see the blossoms!

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