Home, My Bed, Ahhhhh

After 13 hours on the road yesterday, we finally pulled into our driveway about 7:30 p.m. last night. We unloaded just what we had to. Rae went through the mail and phone messages, and I emptied my luggage, and hooked up the lap top to check e-mails. After showering and getting ready for bed, we watched the season premiere of Criminal Minds, and then...ahhh, we got in our sleep number bed and snoozed. There's nothing quite like coming home to your own bed after a trip.
I kind of think it is going to be that way when we get to heaven. We're going to have that "Home at last!" feeling like sleeping in our own beds. The longer I live, the more homesick I get. After spending a day with Rae's mom in a Nursing Home, I'm more convinced that at some point, life becomes a sentence rather than a blessing. I saw people who were definitely homesick. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we should hurry the issue. God is in control. There may be issues that need to be settled yet, and God, in His mercy, keeps us alive to give us another chance to forgive, seek forgiveness, or make something right. I firmly believe that, until God is finished with us here on earth, nothing or no one can shorten our time here. But...I'm still looking forward to getting home...to my own bed, ahhhh!


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