Still Seeking Our "Place"

Having been recently summarily dismissed from my church staff position, my wife and I find ourselves in a most unusual position. In our 42+ years of marriage, we've never wondered where to go to church because I've always been on staff. We have visited a former pastor who is now a staff member of a church in a city not far from here, we've been back to one of our former churches for their 115th anniversary celebration, and today, we visited another church in our area for the second time. We're not really sure what we are looking for. We've enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing being "people in the pew", but still feel that God has more for us to do in the kingdom. Some opportunities are opening up for me to do conferences, but that still doesn't address the need to be an active part of a local "body" of believers. We have our home Bible study each week, which gives us a great time of fellowship and study with other believers, but isn't church.
I still feel a "connection" to the church that decided we were no longer needed, but I don't feel that our returning there would be beneficial either to us or to them. Feelings are still a little too raw. Healing will come, I'm convinced of that, but perhaps it will take time. In the meantime, we're still looking for our "place" where we can plug in and invest our gifts in kingdom work.


I know a couple of other people who know how you feel. I'm so sorry you are having to go down this road...but one thing I know is that God takes care of HIS men. I know that. He is sovereign and is looking after you. I eagerly wait to see what God has in store for you. You are loved!

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