Guest Blogger: My Wife: Our Prayer

Forty plus years ago the doctors told us that we would be unable to have children of our own. Then a group of teenagers at Greenleaf Ave. Baptist Church, in their weekly Prayer and Share hour, began praying. They prayed that we would have children, or, as I remember one person particularly praying, that we would be content either way.
This past Sunday, May 23, 2010, as we were singing "Because He Lives", the second verse hit me very hard!
"How sweet to hold a new-born baby and feel the pride and joy (she) gives". We found that joy in Sept. 1970 as our first-born daughter came. (I feel that was a direct answer to the prayers of those youth in Prayer and Share.) However, the second part of that verse really got me--"But greater still the calm assurrance, This child can face uncertain days because He lives".
On Friday, May 21, those lines became truth in our lives as we discovered that our "baby" has stage 2 cancer.
Now we are asking our youth groups (and adults as well) from Calvary So. in San Diego;
Greenleaf Ave in Whittier; Gardendale 1st; Parkwood, Jacksonsville; Hillview, Birmingham; Pompano Beach 1st; Perrine 1st; Northwood, West Palm Beach; Boca Glades; Sebring 1st; Avon Park 1st; Faith, Lake Placid; and Fellowship, Avon Park to join us as pray during these "uncertain days" that we will remember that God is in control and He loves us.
My verse I still claim is Ps. 73:26 and Nahum 1:7 was sent to us by a former youth and has come to mean a lot to us, too. What a blessing all of you have already been! We are amazed, blessed and excited to see what God is going to do through Kendra and her family in these "uncertain days." We want to be able to say on the other side of this time that once again God showed Himself mighty and answered the prayers of those faithful pray-ers.
Thank you for all you do and for Him who does it through you.


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