WHO, ME???

Seems as if we Americans have regressed to our childhood. We never take responsibility for anything anymore. Just as a kid standing over a puddle of spilled milk, with an empty glass in his hand will say to his mom, "Not me!", our politicians are taking denial to a new level. It is not just the politicians though, it is also people who claim to be followers of Jesus. We have lost the importance of confession of sin as the catalyst for forgiveness. We, along with the politician, claim to have "mis-spoken" rather than lied. We have become adept at blaming those who came before us (the previous administration) for our own inaction or failure to deal with issues. Our problems are now our Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, or grandparent's fault.
Truth be known, until we take ownership of our SINS (not our mistakes, or slip-ups, or goofs) we will never receive the forgiveness promised in 1 John 1:9. The little word "if" makes it very clear that God's forgiveness of our sins is based on our confession of our sins. Re-naming sin to make it more palatable is now the favorite sport of many American Christians. Unless and until we take 2 Chronicles 7:14 seriously and really "turn from our wicked ways", we might as well forget about revival and forget about God's blessing on our lives or on our country. Come on people. Fess up. Acknowledge your sin. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God...or He will humiliate you; count on it!


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