When a Disaster Isn't

The news is filled with thoughts, opinions, charges and counter charges regarding the oil debacle in the Gulf. Words and phrases like "disaster", "world changing", "end of life as we know it" are being thrown around. All of which makes me stop and think about when a disaster really isn't a disaster. I truly believe that the deciding factor is what we do when a so-called disaster strikes. If we moan and groan and look for someone to bail us out, it is a disaster. If we learn from it and begin to look for solutions and alternatives, it becomes a stepping stone to a new and better life. Through out history we've seen "disasters" lead to new discoveries, better ways of preparing for the unexpected. Rather than list them here, I want to urge you to do your own research.
Bottom line; there will be bad things that come with catastrophic events, however, these can be the catalysts that catapult us into a new and better way of life for millions of people. A "disaster" doesn't have to be a disaster.


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