Who's In Charge Here?

Have you ever asked that question? My wife is really good at cutting to the chase. If she sees a clerk doing a really good job at a store, she'll look up the manager and commend the clerk to the one in charge. On more than one occasion when she has witnessed a manager publicly reprimanding an employee, she will call the manager aside and suggest that the reprimand should have been done in private. The bottom line is, she has learned that when you go to the person "in charge", you can make the most impact. That being said, let me ask you; "Who is in charge of your life?" The truth of the matter is, you are. Even if you have given your life to Christ, He will not give you a daily agenda or "to-do" list. His Word will be your guide. His Spirit will nudge you in the direction He knows you should go, but, at the end of the day, you decide what you do and when. One of the problems I see in society today is that very few are willing to take responsibility for their choices. When things don't go as we hope, we are quick to look for someone to blame.
It is time that we hark back to the mantra of President Harry Truman; "The buck stops here!" I vaguely remember a little poem that I learned long ago and have forgotten, except for the message. It went something like...
"Each of us is given a bag of tools;
a block of time and a book of rules.
And each must fashion, ere time has flown
a stumbling block or a stepping stone."
So, my question to you today is, Who is in charge of your life? What are you fashioning with the tools, the rules and the time you've been given?


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