The All Day 5 o'clock Shadow

Does anyone else find it strange that more and more we are seeing men in the media, especially comercials, exhibiting the shabby look of the 5 o'clock shadow?  It seems that after years of feminizing men and promoting "E.D" drugs which indicate that testosterone levels have dropped, those in the media are suddenly wanting to show that men still can grow facial hair.  Not full beards mind you, but just that "my beard is so heavy that even though I shave I still have this shadow".  I'm waiting for the day one of our politicians running for office shows up in a commercial, or for a debate with the manly "shadow".
Don't get me wrong.  If I have a few days off, I'm likely not to shave.  It is not one of my favorite things to do.  However, I still think that when I'm at work, or in public, I need to be clean shaven.  I can even go a couple of days without anyone noticiing (guess I really do have "low T") 
 I'm noticing that many younger pastors are sporting the shadow or the soul patch or the 'stache or the goatee.  Nothing wrong with that I guess.  Just makes me wonder if that isn't one more way we have allowed the media and the world to yank us around and determine how we present ourselves in public.  I'm waiting for some brother to adopt the OT prophet look and show up in the pulpit with a full beard.  Maybe that will be the next big thing.  Then we can really reclaim our manhood; (at least those who can grow one)


Anonymous said…
Having worked in the library at Southeastern seminary, I can tell you that the full O.T. style beard is already the next big thing. I saw many, many young students walking around looking like one of the prophets, complete with nasty sandals. Melissa

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