On Pastoring a Sr. Adult Church

Some days it is tough to determine just what I should be doing.  Most of my parishioners are 60+ in age.  In the 6 months I've been pastor here I've had 4 funerals and no weddings.  There are days that I feel like a hospice chaplain as I visit the terminally ill in various hospitals and nursing facilities.  Most of my praying is for health or God's mercy upon those who are suffering.  
Our fellowship is wonderful.  The people are loving, kind and gracious.  Those who visit here are welcomed and most seem to enjoy their time with us.  However, we've had one baptism and one addition by letter in six months.  How can we even start to fulfill the Great Commission that way?  
I suppose I could just relax and enjoy being the resident teacher, entertainer, activities and choir director for this land locked cruise ship called a church, but somehow that just isn't enough.  It seems that the Lord left us no alternative...we are to be disciple-makers which includes sharing the gospel, leading people to Christ, baptizing them and teaching them.  
I have to face the reality that I am to set the pace for the people.  I must be actively sharing my faith, inviting people to church and reaching out into the community.  Aha!  I think that is the key.  If I busy myself with fulfilling the Great Commandment of loving God supremely and people as myself, and the Great Commission by actively making disciples and bringing them into the church, then at least there will be some fruit.  Perhaps that example will spark a response in others and we will start a movement.  I think that's what I'll do.


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