Today I'm stuck!  It seems that my creative juices have dried up.  I've prayed, read, walked, sat, viewed a video and just about everything else I can think of and I'm still stuck.  This is not a good time to be stuck because tonight is Prayer Meeting.  I need to have something fresh for the people tonight to get them on track to pray.  This will be one of those times when unless God shows up, we will have a drab 45 minutes where we sing a song, make announcements, read a scripture, and offer the obligatory prayers for healing for those who are sick and then go home.
I feel almost as if I need a spiritual Roto Rooter to clean out my pipes and get the flow from God moving in my direction.  I've confessed, repented, praised, prayer walked around the building and now am purging my soul at the keyboard.  Maybe that is part of the problem.  If something works, I'll be hard put to determine which of these was the magic bullet.
If this were a sit-com, all would be resolved by the last paragraph.  Alas, it isn't a sit-com.  It is a very real experience that I'm assured most believers have from time to time.  Perhaps we need this to get us out of our rut (a grave, open at both ends) and into a fresh encounter with the always creative God of the universe.


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