Are You Ready?

After all the hullabaloo (which is still going on and likely will escalate) surrounding the presidential race, are you any closer to making a decision?  Of course we won't know our final choices for some months, but every day we're bombarded with ads, blurbs, news items, etc surrounding each of the Republican wanna-be's as well as O'bama's slant on things.  I'm still waiting for someone to take the high road and emphasize what they plan to do if elected rather than blasting their opponents and slinging mud.
All of this has made me look back at the Old Testament records of the kings.  In the first place, Israel's insistence that they have a king was a rejection of the leadership of God.  Jehovah finally acquiesced to their whining and gave them what they asked for, and there has been trouble ever since.  It seems to me that the best of the kings (David, Solomon, Joel, etc.) did not seek the position, but it was conferred on them either by the anointing of God or by ascension through their family line.  Others rose to power by money, might, subterfuge and/or murder. The effectiveness of the king depended upon their obedience to the laws of God.  Today we go to great lengths to keep God out of the picture, or we so politicize a candidate's spiritual stance as to make it synonymous with a party platform.
I've said all along that no candidate is going to arise who will be able to turn America around.  They only hope we have is national repentance and return to God...REVIVAL!  I'm not talking about a series of meetings, I'm referring to a supernatural move of God that brings Americans to their knees in repentance.
Are you ready?


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